A semi-detached house extended by a neighboring house to form a single project.

Description: Single Family House
Type of project: Housing
Type of customer: Private
Location: Rebecq
Surface: 200 m²
Year: 2018-2019

Located in Rebecq, the Rue du Pont is lined with modest red brick houses creating a homogeneous whole here and there visually interrupted by shop windows or more elaborate facades. Part of a group of 3 buildings arranged in a mirror image, the semi-detached houses have a sober front façade. As one of the houses was cramped, the owners made the judicious choice of acquiring the neighboring house and unifying them. By grouping the first floors, the living space takes on generous proportions and allows the annexes to be attached to the body of the main building, which allows more freedom on the rear façade to open generous bays towards the garden. The demolition of the party wall between the gardens of the two houses gives way to a terrace in dialogue with the kitchen. In an effort to be resilient, the structural interventions are left exposed and show the former division of the rooms. These lines punctuate the perspectives, and participate in the development of the free plan. The deliberately contemporary composition proposes a clerestory installation of the brick cladding, a mesh in which is inserted the entrance door of the apartment and allows the intimacy of the living room. The intervention allows to give a new life to the modest terraced houses by relying on and integrating its own characteristics but especially to create two large dwellings adapted to the current needs of the inhabitants without changing the volumes.