Extension of a villa

Description: Transformation and extension of a single house 
Type of project: House
Type of customer: Private
Department: Extension and renovation
Location: Auderghem, Brussels (BE)
Surface area: 323 m²
Year: 2009-2011

The district of “Chant d’Oiseau” is a residential area of the 3rd Brussels ring created in the 1930s. Several architectural elements of the villa with sober but colorful features, typical of the district and the period of its construction deserved to be brought out. At the forefront of the garden and with a lack of access and relation with it, the house appeared to have been placed there haphazardly. So the main idea was to ensure continuity with the building environment and to enhance its intrinsic qualities. The project proposed to create a real link between the existing building and the garden; a significant simplification of plans and spaces, visually unifying the new and existing parts and harmonizing old and contemporary expressions. The kitchen furniture extended the movement to became the facade. Taking advantage of differences in levels, the furniture could be arranged in many different ways.