Renovation of a villa

Description: Extension and renovation of a villa
Type of project: House
Type of customer: Private
Department: Transformation and construction
Location: Hoeilaart, Brussels (BE)
Surface area: 209 m²
Year: 2012-2014
Contractor: NAD sprl

Pictures: Maxime Delvaux

The building is located in the Groenendael district near the Station on the edge of the Sonian Forest in a beautiful natural setting. The detached house overhanging the street is overlooking a wooded green area that cannot be built. It is bordered in the back by a large garden surrounded by hundred-yearold trees. The peculiarity of this building lies in its roof with two very steep slopes (60°) which dominate the facades. Given its exceptional natural context, the idea was to link the building with its surroundings. The house was completely covered with anthrazinc (dark grey zinc) to create a high performance thermal envelope and to unify the facade and the roof. Two extensions, like frames, were built in order to connect with the surrounding landscape. These extensions to the outside have increased significantly the space on the 1 st floor and converted the space under the roof in a beautiful viewpoint.