Transformation of family house

Description: Transformation and renovation of a family house
Type of project: Housing
Type of customer: Private
Department: Transformation and renovation
Location: Berchem Sint Agathe, Brussels (BE)
Surface area: 200 m²
Year: 2016-2017

This is a single-family, built on a rectangular parcel of land on a street with heterogeneous architecture.

The project consists in recreating a single-family house, transforming and extending the living spaces, bringing in more light, and taking advantage of views on the garden side. A particularity of the site and of the house is that the cellars have high ceilings and open directly onto the garden. Part of the cellars were therefore used for the kitchen and dining room.

For the whole of the living room, the desire is to enlarge the living space.

A black corrugated sheet metal cladding responds to the cladding of a warehouse located at the bottom of the plot.

The front facade has not been modified in order to preserve the identity of the place.